PKP Properties Staff



As Chief Executive Officer of Pi Kappa Phi Properties, he is responsible for directing the vision and strategic planning efforts of the organization.



As Managing Director, Greg evaluates the housing needs for Pi Kappa Phi’s chapters and works to acquire competitive housing on each campus. He also is the point of contact for the Stephen P. Depalma Infrastructure Loan Fund.

Connect with Greg:
980-326-3400 – Menu Option 7

“During my time as a student, I benefitted from a Pi Kappa Phi residential fraternity experience.  The unique opportunity to serve as Pi Kappa Phi’s “Home on Campus” keeps me committed to preserving the experience for generations to come.”
Matt Zellars, Asset Manager

Matt Zellars, Asset Manager

Matt is responsible for providing analytical support to Pi Kappa Phi Properties by preparing, maintaining, and reporting annual budgets for all properties in the portfolio.

Connect with Matt:
980-326-3400 – Menu Option 3

“I enjoy working for Pi Kappa Phi Properties because housing brings all the chapter members under one roof, providing an exceptional fraternity experience. In my role as Asset Manager, it is fulfilling to help our leaders understand the financial responsibility of having a chapter house and help bring housing to new campuses.”

Beau Samples, Operations Manager

Beau Samples, Operations Manager

Beau manages the annual leasing efforts of the Pi Kappa Phi Properties portfolio as well as directs the leasing timeline and strategy for each location.

Connect with Beau:
980-326-3400 – Menu Option 2

Beau’s Chapters:
Nu – Nebraska
Upsilon – University of Illinois
Alpha Gamma – Oklahoma
Beta Epsilon – Missouri
Beta Theta – Arizona
Delta Chi – Kansas State
Delta Psi – Texas-Arlington
Delta Omega – Texas A&M
Eta Upsilon – Miami
Theta Epsilon – Kansas
Theta Theta – Iowa
Theta Iota – Washington State
Iota Rho – Western Illinois
Kappa Beta – Illinois State

“I work for Pi Kappa Phi Properties because as an undergraduate student, I experienced first-hand the value of growth that occurs in the fraternity house. My passion for the housed fraternity experience stems from the lifelong friendships I gained and the skills I learned outside of the classroom and inside the walls of 110 South Campus Avenue. Each brother of Pi Kappa Phi who has the opportunity to live in their chapter house should. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

Ellie Holesa, Director of Marketing and Business Operations

Ellie Holesa, Director of Marketing and Business Operations

Ellie is responsible for acquiring and managing student leases for member housing nationwide as well as marketing for the Pi Kappa Phi Properties portfolio.

Connect with Ellie:
980-326-3400 – Menu Option 6

Ellie’s Chapters:
Alpha – College of Charleston
Sigma – South Carolina
Psi – Cornell
Alpha Epsilon – Florida
Alpha Theta – Michigan State
Alpha Iota – Auburn
Alpha Kappa – Michigan
Alpha Sigma – Tennessee
Epsilon Eta – Winthrop
Zeta Phi – Colorado State
Eta Gamma – Colorado
Theta Mu – UMass-Amherst
Iota Nu – Mississippi State
Lambda Iota – Vermont

“I enjoy working with college-aged students. They have so much hope, talent and a fresh perspective on life. I work with Properties to help provide a sense of place for the men of Pi Kappa Phi; a place they are safe to be themselves, a place to grow with their brothers, and a place they can look back on and think, “That was home.”
Danielle Palladino, Coordinator of Housing Operations

Danielle Palladino, Coordinator of Housing Operations

Danielle is responsible for maintaining member satisfaction by serving as the front-facing customer service representative for Pi Kappa Phi Properties. She fields and answers billing and service issue inquiries nationwide and supports our local house directors in our corporate efforts to provide exceptional service that enhances the fraternity experience.

Connect with Danielle;
980-326-3400 – Menu Option 1

“I love working for Pi Kappa Phi Properties because fraternity housing provides a place to build community and brotherhood for young students. Each house stands as a resource for support and guidance throughout their developmental years of college. I hold this organization near and dear to my heart because it enhanced my undergraduate experience by giving me irreplaceable friendships and memories that I will cherish forever. I work with Properties because I am passionate about encompassing the morals of Pi Kappa Phi within a member’s experience during their time in the fraternity house.”

David Wallace, Senior Property Manager

David Wallace, Senior Property Manager

David is responsible for the day to day management, long term planning, and care of properties owned by Pi Kappa Phi Properties.

Connect with David:
980-326-3400 – Menu Option 4

“While working with college students for 20 years, I have learned that the college years for young men are the most formative years of their life.  I also believe Fraternity housing offers the most meaningful experiences for co-curricular learning and engagement; a student living in a chapter house, for any period of time, places himself at the center of a dynamic learning laboratory of life that compliments his academic pursuits. Fraternity housing advances the Greater Fraternity’s goal of bettering the individual and it is my sincerest hope that supporting this goal will start members down the path of bettering themselves and, hopefully the aspects of all of our futures, through their positive impact after graduation, thus changing the world! “
Jay Stuckel, Project Manager

Jay Stuckel, Project Manager

As Project Manager, Jay evaluates current and future properties that are part of the Pi Kappa Phi Properties portfolio. He manages all improvement projects as well as new construction.

Connect with Jay:
980-326-3400 – Menu Option 5

“I chose to return to work at Pi Kappa Phi because of the great admiration I have for this organization.  Pi Kappa Phi Properties has been an intricate part of my life for 38 years, and I have seen the impact that fraternity housing has had on the growth and maturity of young men across this country.”