Eric J. Almquist Housing Investment Fund (HIF)

In accordance with Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Supreme Law IX, Section 10, the Housing Investment Fund (“HIF”) shall be owned, operated, and administered by Pi Kappa Phi Properties, Inc.  (“PKPP”).  To that end, the PKPP Board of Directors have adopted the following Operating Policy to govern the administration of the HIF.

The Housing Investment Fund was established in 2012 by the 53rd Supreme Chapter in Washington D.C. to further the goal of Pi Kappa Phi Properties to provide quality local chapter homes for our members. The Housing Investment Fund is made possible through our undergraduate members contributions of $10 per semester.

Eligible Investments:

To effect that Purpose, the HIF may be used in the following manner:

  • Equity in PKPP real estate acquisitions
  • Investment in real estate acquisitions by Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity chapters or alumni corporations
  • Refundable deposits for potential future real estate acquisitions
Epsilon Eta (Winthrop) Chapter House

Epsilon Eta (Winthrop) Chapter House

In 2013 the Epsilon Eta chapter was the first to benefit from the HIF. $65,761 was used as a down payment on the chapter’s new home in Rock Hill, South Carolina.



  • Alpha (College of Charleston)-2018
  • Tau (NC State)-2015
  • Upsilon (Illinois)-2017
  • Alpha Epsilon (Florida)-2018
  • Alpha Sigma (Tennessee)-2018
  • Beta Epsilon (Missouri)-2018
  • Delta Chi (Kansas State)-2019
  • Delta Psi (Texas-Arlington)-2014
  • Epsilon Eta (Winthrop)-2013
  • Zeta Theta (Texas-Austin)-2015
  • Eta Gamma (Colorado)-2015
  • Eta Upsilon (Miami)-2014
  • Theta Theta (Iowa)-2017
  • Theta Mu (UMass Amherst)-2014
  • Iota Rho (Western Illinois)-2017
  • Kappa Beta (Illinois State)-2015
  • Delta Chi (Kansas State)-2019
  • Alpha Gamma (Oklahoma)-2021
  • Delta Omega (Texas A&M)-2021
  • Alpha Lambda (Mississippi)-2023
  • Alpha Nu (Ohio State)-2023
Delta Chi (Kansas State) Chapter House

Delta Chi (Kansas State) Chapter House

The Delta Chi chapter at Kansas State is the most recent group to benefit from the HIF. $100,000 of the fund was used in 2019 as a down payment on the purchase of their house.