COVID-19 Updates

Pi Kappa Phi Properties FAQs 

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  • Question: If my university moves completely online for the Fall semester, is my lease still in effect?
  • Answer: Yes, all buildings will be open for the Fall semester, whether universities offer online or in-person instruction.


  • Question: What safety measures are being put in place at the Pi Kapp House prior to arrival of the residents?
  • Answer: Residents will be registering for time slots to move-into their rooms. This will allow fewer students and their parents to be in the building at one time. Additionally, dining spaces, common areas, and bedrooms are being arranged, where possible, to promote physical distancing when possible.


  • Question: Will there be extra cleaning during school year?
  • Answer: This summer, we have evaluated our cleaning and sanitation schedules. At most locations, this means an increase in professional cleaning visits, as well as the introduction of CINTAS hand sanitizer stations, and hand soap and paper towels in all restrooms. For some locations, housekeeping scopes of work have been modified to accommodate more time dedicated to the sanitization of common area surfaces that are frequently touched.


  • Question: Will COVID testing be required before move in or while living at house?
  • Answer: COVID testing will not be required before residents take occupancy of their space within the house.


  • Question: What happens if a resident tests positive for COVID?
  • Answer: If a resident tests positive for COVID-19, our recommendation is that they return to their primary residence to self-isolate and quarantine. If this is not feasible, steps will be taken, where possible, to all them to self-isolate and quarantine within the chapter’s facility.


  • Question: Will students be required to quarantine for up to 14 days before moving into the building?
  • Answer: No, residents will not need to self-quarantine before taking possession of their space.


  • Question: If someone in the house does not comply with rules, who enforces that and truly what can be done?
  • Answer: Individual behavior must be handled at the local student-chapter level. The chapter has many resources through Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity to hold members accountable and will continue to have access to Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity staff should the need arise to hold brothers responsible for their actions.


  • Question: Will outside guests and visitors have restricted access to the chapter facility?
  • Answer: The only individuals who will receive access to the building (door codes) are those who live, dine or work in the facility. It is the collective responsibility of the residents and the in-house fraternal membership to restrict access to the building by non-affiliated individuals.


  • Question: How will meals be served and dining take place?
  • Answer: If a meal plan is in place in the house, steps are being taken to eliminate buffet serving (meals will be plated by the chef/cook), meal times increased to allow multiple shifts of dining to take place, and for tables and chairs to be setup to reduce capacity in the dining space to allow for physical distancing. Many of our meal plans are contracted through a third-party provider and each provider has developed their own serving and sanitation protocols as well.


  • Question: Will face coverings/masks be required in the facility?
  • Answer: Per the CDC guidelines, it is recommended that all members wear face coverings/masks while in the common areas of the facility. Please consult with your local municipality ordinance surrounding the face covering requirements in your area.


  • Question: I do not want to move forward with my lease agreement, who do I contact?
  • Answer: Lease issues are handled on a case by case basis. Please visit our website’s “Contact Us” page to be connected with the appropriate Pi Kappa Phi Properties, Inc. staff member. Please note, no undergraduate executive council member, live-in house director, volunteer advisor, campus-based professional, or any other individual has the agency or ability to amend or cancel your lease agreement.

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